Seller's Checklist

Funds for closing must be made in certified form. EFFECTIVE APRIL 1, 2017, all funds for closing over $1,000 must be wired into our escrow account. Please contact our law firm for wiring instructions and call to confirm them before sending the wire.

As the seller in the transaction you can help ensure a smooth closing by being prepared to provide information and items as requested by our firm and/or your agent: 
  • Sellers Closing Information Sheet: Please fill out Seller Closing Information sheet and return to our firm as soon as possible. 

  • When and Where: Confirm that the closing date and time as scheduled meets with your expectations. Be sure you know which office location you need to attend. If you are not able to come to the closing please inform our office immediately so we can help you obtain a Power of Attorney or provide you with mailaway service. 

  • Spell-check: Please notify the firm if your name is misspelled, your address is incorrect or you notice any other typos or errors. 

  • Identification: At least one, if not two, forms of legal identification with your picture are required. Play it safe and bring two picture IDs to closing. 

  • Special Accommodations: We are happy to assist with any special requests such as ensuring wheel chair access, welcoming language translators, or scheduling separate times for closing. Please let us know of such requests in advance so we will be prepared. 

  • Funds for closing must be made in certified form. You may wire the funds into our trust account or you can bring certified check/cashier check to closing. If wired, please reference your name and property address. All funds should be made out to Bagwell & Corley Law Firm, PC. 

  • All owners on the deed recorded at the county will have to be present at the closing to sign documents. ALL PROCEEDS SHALL BE DISBURSED AS NOTED ON HUD-1 SETTLEMENT STATEMENT WHICH SHALL REFLECT ALL OWNERS.

  • Original Documents: If required, please bring whatever original documents as requested by our firm, or your agent. For example, bring originals of Powers of Attorney, repair invoices, lien releases or Security Deed cancellations. 

  • Termite Letter and Home Warranty: If the contract requires you provide a termite letter and/or a home warranty please obtain these items as soon as possible and forward a copy to our firm for review. 

  • Last Minute Payments: If you make any loan, tax, utility or homeowners association payments within seven (7) days prior to closing, please let our firm know immediately so we can make any necessary adjustments to your final net total. 

  • Keys, Fobs and Warranties: Bring all keys and fobs to closing. Provide any warranties that are not expired on appliances and services. If codes are needed for any remaining device, such as an alarm or garage door system, please be prepared to offer them.


Click to upload a .pdf copy:  Seller Closing Information

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